Aerial Imagery

A CAA-approved professional drone operator since 2015, we offer aerial imagery both as a stand-alone service and as an add-on to any film or photography shoot. We are also flexible and experienced enough as film makers to be able to integrate our UAV crew into a third-party production, working with an outside production company or director.

Our state-of-the-art Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) captures up to 4K video and 16MP RAW photographs to deliver, in the hands of our trained pilots and crew, truly spectacular pictures.

The creative possibilities are endless. So whether you’re looking to add a stunning new dimension to your production (literally!), require one of the specific applications listed below, or have any other airborne ideas, please get in touch to see what we could do for you – the sky’s the limit!


Applications for aerial imagery

  • Roof inspections and industrial surveys – save time and money without the need for scaffolding and without putting anyone at risk
  • Agricultural, forestry, archaeological and heritage site surveys
  • Property services – land surveys and marketing material for developers, insurance inspections for surveyors, or sensational photos and video for top end estate agents looking to show off the full potential of a property and its environment
  • Sport – from training videos to stadium photographs and footage of events that need to be filmed in hazardous or difficult environments, such as over water or inaccessible terrain
  • Photographs of your home – framed, mounted or electronically-delivered


Our approach

We have a clear track record in the factual film industry.

We understand what makes a good film, what makes a good image and what works. We understand when to use aerial imagery and how to seamlessly integrate it into a project.


Safety and legal requirements

Seymour Productions operates strictly in accordance with the prevailing UK regulations and our own Civil Aviation Authority-approved safety procedures.

When operating abroad, we make sure we fully understand and adhere to the local regulations.

We hold the legally-required CAA Permission for Commercial Operation and specialist UAV insurance, which includes public liability cover. All our pilots are trained to a minimum UAPQ-s7 or equivalent CAA-recognised standard.

Our aircraft are subject to a rigorous maintenance schedule and all equipment is thoroughly inspected before each operation. The details of all operations and maintenance activities are meticulously recorded. Each aircraft is fitted with a fail safe / return-to-home mode, which ensures it will automatically return to its landing site and land in the event of pilot incapacitation or control link failure.

To ensure we always maintain the highest levels of safety and professional integrity, we will not compromise on any of these standards.

CAA approved operator no. 1267